‘The Family’ Red Band Trailer: Robert De Niro Shrugs His Way Through Another Mafia Flick


It’s not a huge stretch to say that Robert De Niro’s been off his game in recent years. When you start off making films like Taxi Driver and end up doing films like The Big Wedding, expect a few derisive remarks. But Luc Besson may have found a way to channel that modern-day De Niro apathy into something entertaining in The Family. It may not be Taxi Driver, but that’s probably asking too much as it is.

Check out the new red-band trailer for The Family below.

De Niro can’t be bothered to even try and pronounce the name of the little French town that serves as his family’s new home. He can’t be bothered any real emotion (regret, anger, anything really) when cutting or hammering or otherwise mutilating those that have earned this trailer its shiny red warning label. If Besson can make The Family some kind of mildly inventive, “old Mafia type who’s just going through the motions” crime comedy, it might be a fun little flick.

Of course, there’s also plenty that says otherwise. Cheap-looking CGI explosions are a grave sign, especially in a mob movie. And the “De Niro narrating from a typewriter” gimmick is more than a little overplayed. Hopefully, The Family offers up a clever twist on an apathetic De Niro and not just the run-of-the-mill apathetic De Niro we’ve already seen too much of.

The Family releases September 13, 2013.

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