‘The Drop’ Trailer: James Gandolfini and Tom Hardy Have Made Some Enemies

By  · Published on June 23rd, 2014

Fox Searchlight

It’s been a little over a year since the world lost James Gandolfini and his many talents, but it’s making the transition a little softer knowing that the late, great actor still had several films in the can when he passed. The final film of that bunch is set to arrive, meaning The Drop is the last new film in which we’ll ever see the former Tony Soprano do what he does best: intimidate the hell out of everyone around him and boss around one or two or a dozen shady individuals.

The Drop, directed by Michael R. Roskam (Bullhead) isn’t just a vehicle for showcasing Gandolfini. As all good crime movies begin, the trailer starts us off in a very ornate, probably Catholic church where our protagonists are likely attempting to repent for some unforgivable sins. Might as well have the big guy on your side if you’re going to get tangled up in something that could leave you riddled with bullets. Gandolfini is Marv, the owner (or maybe not?) of a bar where his cousin Bob (Tom Hardy) helps out bartending and watching his back. Now the trouble with Marv, and a little bit with Bob, is that they both have criminal pasts – Bob has opted to leave his there, while Marv is letting his leak more and more into the present, where it’s infecting the business of the bar, and the well-being of his family, including Bob’s love (Noomi Rapace), who has taken on an excellent concerned – but not taking any of your shit – persona.

“Are you doing something different?” Bob asks Marv partway through the trailer. “Something that we can’t clean up this time?”

That something seems to be related to a robbery at the bar, which Bob doesn’t appear to know anything about, but Marv might be covering up. If Marv has any information about anything related to that robbery, hopefully it’s where the crooks got those makeup covered masks. Why don’t criminals in real life wear fun costumes?

Check out the trailer below:

Based on a short story (“Animal Rescue”) by the author, Dennis Lehane (of “Mystic River,” “Shutter Island” and “Gone Baby Gone” acclaim), it’s clearly going to be a dark and tense journey through whatever fresh hell Marv and company have set up for themselves. And according to the pull quote selected for the trailer, there’s apparently one hell of a twist to look forward to as well…thanks for that little tidbit.

The Drop is in theaters September 12th.