‘The Details’ Trailer Is Mostly Just Tobey Maguire Acting Like a Jerk

The Details trailer

Though Mean Creek director Jacob Aaron Estes’ latest project, The Details, debuted all the way back at Sundance 2011, it’s just finally gearing up for a real theatrical release come November 2. Why has it sat on the shelf for so long? Maybe it’s just because the idea of watching Spider-Man act like a jerk for a couple of hours is something of a hard sell.

From the looks of the film’s new trailer, The Details is a character drama that sees Tobey Maguire cheating on his wife, banging Ray Liotta’s wife, getting another woman pregnant, contemplating murder, toilet training raccoons, appreciating latte art, chatting with Kerry Washington, chatting with Dennis Haysbert, and trying out religion. Okay, so maybe there isn’t anything wrong with those last few things, but the first couple are pretty bad. Is this going to be the sort of lead character who audiences can relate to?

Now that a trailer for the film has been released, you can see what Estes has up his sleeve and decide whether a darkly comedic character study about things falling apart and people behaving badly is going to be the sort of thing you want to head out to the theater to see or not.

Though, given a cast that features names like Laura Linney, Elizabeth Banks, and Ray Liotta, the decision might not end up being that hard to make at all. They’re all pretty swell, no? And any movie that has a character named “Fantasy Asian Fruit Lady” in the credits has to at least be interesting enough to give a chance. [Yahoo! Movies]

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