The Demise of The Amazing Spider-Man Series and 7 Things We’ll Never Get to See Again

By  · Published on February 10th, 2015

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Spider-Man, amazing, superior, ultimate, or otherwise, is finally joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe. As part of a breathless and late-breaking press release from the annals of, well, just last night, Sony and Marvel have finally teamed up to bring Spidey into the Marvel fold (sort of), thanks to news that the web-slinger is set to appear in an upcoming MCU film (our bet? Captain America: Civil War) and to give the superhero “a new creative direction” to match his long-desired part in the world’s biggest superhero multi-film franchise.

Although it’s currently unclear exactly what direction the Spider-Man franchise proper will go in next (the Spider-Man franchise, that yes, still belongs very much to Sony), it seems safe to assume that the current two-film series will at least be massively rejiggered to fit more neatly into the Marvel Cinematic Universe (and, let’s be honest, to give it a truly fresh face, origin stories be damned). With that, of course, comes the loss of a few key bits from the Andrew Garfield-led series, some of which we mourn, some of which we celebrate, all of which are enumerated here.

1. What’s Up With Peter’s Parents?

Origin stories! The Amazing Spider-Man series insisted on re-introducing us to the well-known story of how Peter Parker became our friendly neighborhood webhead. Although the series tried to throw a few twists into the story – mainly centered on the involvement of ol’ Pa Parker and how this whole Spider-Man thing might really be a vast, widespread conspiracy that he himself was deeply involved in – they mostly amounted to just that, a few twists. Nothing was really examined or fleshed out, even though the first two films appeared to relish hinting at said greater conspiracy, complete with plane crashes and really bad in-air wi-fi. Some mysteries will never be solved. Some just shouldn’t be.

Did we really need more of this?

2. Felicity Jones as Black Cat

The Oscar nominee appeared in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 as Felicia Hardy, who eventually becomes the supervillain/superheroine known as Black Cat. Jones’ real role was neatly obscured – her “Felicia” was Harry Osborn’s meticulously put-together assistant – and it was one of the few somewhat snappy and clever reveals that the film even attempted. Would Jones come back for more? That was always up in the air, but her existence was a fun Easter Egg for Black Cat’s fans, one that actually hinted at an expanded universe with the stifling arena of Spidey’s mostly narrow world. We’ll never see where this might have gone.

3. Underground Train Lairs

As part of the bold, brash, and totally stupid indication that Peter’s father might have something to do with his evolution into Spider-Man, the second film found Peter investigating a secret subway track/hidden lair where is father apparently did his work. Sure! No, nevermind.

4. Dane DeHaan Acting Like a Maniac

5. Shailene Woodley as Mary Jane Watson

Although Woodley’s scenes as Mary Jane Watson quite notoriously ended up on the cutting room floor (in the Mac Recycling Bin?) before the second film got to final cut and the chances that she would appear in the next film as Peter’s next great love got increasingly slim as her career skyrocketed, there was always the teensy possibility we would see Woodley as MJ. That’s not going to happen now, even though it could have at least been interesting to see.

6. Protracted Gwen Stacy Mourning

No more sad superheroes.

7. Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man

Although Marvel’s press release didn’t directly say it, the implication is clear: Garfield is out. Although he was often saddled with ridiculous plot movements and directionless writing, the very talented Garfield clearly worked hard to inject personality into his character, and his take on Peter/Spidey often managed to hit on genuine humor and charm. It just never quite happened enough. Paired with his electric chemistry with Emma Stone, there was plenty to admire about Garfield’s work, though he was never in a film good enough to contain him, and his performances were often overlooked. Sure, he’ll be fine (he’s got plenty of cool stuff lined up, including a lead part in a Martin Scorsese film, for chrissakes), but we’ll miss him.

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A new Spider-Man film will swing onto the big screen on July 28, 2017.

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