Watch Scott Adkins Kick Ass in the First 10 Minutes of ‘The Debt Collector’

We are proud to present an exclusive first look at the opening minutes of the latest Scott Adkins jam, ‘The Debt Collector.’

You can almost fit all of today’s best action stars — Tony Jaa, Iko Uwais, Wu Jing — in one hand, and I’m not just saying that because they’re all 5’10” and under. No, my point is there aren’t very many performers out there who continually impress with their physical ability, style, and ass-kicking awesomeness. The UK’s Scott Adkins belongs in this elite group, and movies with him in the lead are always worth a watch.

His latest, The Debt Collector, pairs him once again with director Jesse V. Johnson (Accident Man, Savage Dog) for a fun little action romp that blends terrific fight scenes with a casual sense of humor. Adkins stars as a down on his luck martial arts instructor who takes a side job as a debt collector and enforcer, and it opens strong with a demonstration of both action and laughs that also pays homage to a “kung fu” movie trope — rival dojo teachers challenging our hero.

The Debt Collector‘s available now on VOD and hits DVD on June 5th, but we’ve got the opening ten minutes for your viewing pleasure below. Check it out, and then check out the whole movie for more fisticuffs, dark laughs, surprising heart, and flying scissor kicks.

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