‘The Counselor’ Full-Length Trailer is Full of Even More Bad Behavior


The first teaser trailer we got for Ridley Scott’s The Counselor didn’t have much meat to it at all. We were introduced to a brief scenario where a wire stretched across a road caused a motorcycle accident, we caught a glimpse of Javier Bardem and Brad Pitt sporting silly hairdos, and then a shapely woman crawled across the hood of a car. It wasn’t exactly the sort of thing that let you know what the movie was all about. The new full-length trailer for the film though, well – it doesn’t really tell you all that much either.

Actually, the new trailer contains about as much plot info as one of those obtuse “next week on Mad Men” teasers. But it does give us glimpses of a handsome and reluctant Michael Fassbender getting in over his head with some shady business, Bardem playing the devil character who convinces him to get involved, Pitt playing a bringer of doom, and Cameron Diaz and Penelope Cruz sharing a moment of danger-laced flirtation. So, even if we still don’t really know what this movie is going to be about exactly, who cares? It’s clearly got everything.

Of course, the fact that whatever story this film is going to tell is coming from the mind of famed novelist Cormac McCarthy – who’s making his debut as a screenwriter here – has to be seen as something of a comfort. As flashy and titillating as this trailer looks, any fan of novels like “Blood Meridian,” “No Country For Old Men,” or “Sutree” would tell you that it’s not likely McCarthy wrote something that isn’t also full of dark moments, complex characters, and some truth about humanity. There’s probably a chance this could be the best Ridley Scott movie we’ve seen in years, and if that turns out to be the case, then it’s going to be kind of nice they didn’t show us much in the trailers, won’t it?

The Counselor is all set to hit theaters on October 25.

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