The Coroner’s Report: Feast 2: Sloppy Seconds

The Coroner's Report

Welcome, welcome, welcome back and I hope you’re enjoying our 31 Days of Horror.  Today in the Coroner’s Report we’re taking a look at the recently released on DVD Feast 2: Sloppy Seconds, John Gulager’s follow up to the fun and bloody Feast, of Project Greenlight fame.

In Feast 2, we pick up immediately after the events of Feast – Bozo’s car squeals out and takes off just as Biker Queen shows up, looking to find out what happened to her biker gang sister, Harley Mom.  Both are played by Diane Goldner, which caused some momentary confusion, but hey, they’re sisters.  If you’ll remember, Harley Mom had her leg cut off and then was thrown out the second story, still alive, mouth raped, ejaculated on, and blown up.  Biker Queen, with the aid of her all female gang, is out for revenge.  Not so luckily for her and an assortment of misfits, the monsters are out in force and running rampant through the area, tearing everyone to shit.


The kill count is up around 15 or so and we see a lot more carnage without confirmed kills.  A decent body count, but slightly less than I expected, to be honest.


Obviously I was expecting a lot here and we get a decent amount.  Tons of carnage, lots of bodies, gunshots, decapitated heads, hammers to the head, and someone gets their head smashed into a poo filled toilet.  There is an ear bitten off, monster farts, monster shit, monster semen, and a monster gets stabbed in the anus, among a lot of other stuff.  It delivers on the gross and scores very highly here.


For a lot of the film I was waiting for this sexy, tatted up biker gang to show some skin and finally, in the last 20 minutes or so, we’re rewarded with topless and bottomless ladies.  It is good.  There are some boob glimpses, some full nudity glimpses, a naked dead chick, a midget with a foot long wang, and the monsters are naked as hell with giant wieners.  Yes, that’s the scientific term.  Oh, also a monster copulates with a cat.


Stay the hell away from these monsters, trust no one, look out for yourself and you’ll go far.  Also, one quote sums it up nicely:  Shut up, this is science.


Taking place in a small town named “Smalltown,” Feast 2 amps up the comedy and the gags, which I wasn’t a fan of, but the gore was great.  The first balanced outrageous humor, gags, and actual scares and tension, where as Sloppy Seconds focuses mainly on the gags with very little real terror.  The budget has seemingly increased with the scope of the story, yet the effects look worse.  Now, I’m not saying it’s a bad movie.  It definitely has its moments and overall, I enjoyed it, but I expected more of it – I expected a different kind of film.  It has some great quotable moments, mostly from Clu Gulager, such as “You dickhead lesbo.”  There is a lot of green screen work and digital blood, which I hate, but the kills are good, especially towards the end.

The whole Feast franchise is a Gulager family affair with sons, fathers, brothers, wives, and children involved and when you view it like that, it adds a little more fun to the whole experience.  These are good people out there having a good time and they delivered a fun product.  I just wish they had taken it a little more seriously and invested more time in the terror and the horror, rather than just playing up the gags.  Some may find this film inappropriate and afterwords, thinking back, I did come to realize this could be seen as a pretty outrageous and offensive film, with violence against babies, grandmothers, and all sorts of people.  In the end, Feast 2: Sloppy Seconds is fun, light entertainment with lots of blood and gore that ultimately fails to meet expectations set by the first installment, wholly because they focus on comedic gags rather than terror.  I still dig it though, and after all, October is for horror.

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