‘The Company You Keep’ Trailer: Robert Redford Keeps Talented and Famous Company

Robert Redford in The Company You Keep

Just last week we reported that Robert Redford’s latest film, The Company You Keep, managed to score a distribution deal before it even played any festivals. Well, the film is gearing up to play Venice and Toronto regardless, so TIFF has released a trailer promoting it. Complete with typewriter sounds and vintage news footage, said trailer starts off by making The Company You Keep look like it’s going to be an authentic, journalistic look at the history of the radical anti-war group The Weather Underground, but then we’re suddenly dumped into present day, and it’s revealed that this is actually going to be a fun-looking chase movie about the last few members of the movement still being on the run from the law.

The Company You Keep is full of grizzled old activists/bank robbers, plucky young reporters, plucky young F.B.I. agents, action, intrigue, murder, and a cast that features names like Redford, Susan Sarandon, Shia LaBeouf, Brendan Gleeson, Anna Kendrick, Terrence Howard, Nick Nolte, Sam Elliott, Richard Jenkins, Chris Cooper, Brit Marling, Julie Christie, Stephen Root, and Stanley Tucci.

It must be good to be Robert Redford. You just announce that you’re making a movie and actors start showing up on your doorstep. Sony Pictures Classics, who are the ones that bought the U.S. distribution rights, haven’t announced a release date yet, but if you’re anywhere near either of those previously mentioned film festivals, probably you’re going to want to make sure you give this one a look. Chances are there’s a great performance or two in there somewhere.

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