‘The Collection’ Trailer is Booby Trapped

The Collection (2012) Movie

It’s a rarity to see an advertisement for a sequel not mention that it’s a sequel. After all, you want the name recognition and the carry-over audience, right? The major movie studios are even basing their existence on that sales pitch. However, the trailer for The Collection wants to use a different kind of name recognition: the coattails of the Saw franchise.

Marcus Dunstan and Patrick Melton took on screenwriting duties for the later half of that franchise’s life, and Dunstan made The Collector his directorial debut. It featured a stream-lined concept, a red steamer trunk, and a thief who breaks into a house on the same night a serial killer has gone on the hunt for its inhabitants.

Having moved beyond a house in the middle of nowhere, the gimp-masked murderer has set his sights on a rave in the middle of nowhere. You know the rules: sequels mean higher stakes and bigger kills. Check out the trailer for yourself:

The Collection is playing Fantastic Fest, so expect a review within the week, and it hits theaters November 30th.

Source: Yahoo!

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