‘The Cabin in the Woods’ Director Drew Goddard is Switching to Sci-Fi


Due to his experience writing on beloved genre shows like Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, and Lost, and the fact that his debut as a feature film director, The Cabin in the Woods, was completely awesome, geeks all over the world view Drew Goddard as the next great hope when it comes to their chances of getting more genre-based products that are actually smartly written and funny. Most horror movies and the like are honestly kind of vapid and cheesy, and are the sorts of things that get described as being guilty pleasures, but not Goddard’s work. He’s the sort of talent who makes one proud to be a fan of nerdy things.

So for movie fans whose particular brand of escapist poison tends to come from the science fiction side of things, the news that he’s currently negotiating with Fox to write and direct a movie about a man stranded in space should come as a reason for celebration.

The Wrap has the report, which states that the film in question is going to be called The Martian, and it’s about an astronaut who gets stranded on Mars and has to find a way to survive long enough on the red planet to make his way back to Earth. Early attempts at marketing the project seem to be calling it a cross between Apollo 13 and Cast Away, but one can assume that it’s going to have significantly more Mars and significantly less Tom Hanks than those films.

Whether you’re a sci-fi fan who’s super-excited by this news or a horror fan who’s kind of disappointed that Goddard isn’t sticking to your preferred genre, we can probably all agree that we’d rather hear that the man is getting another opportunity to serve as both writer and director on something and isn’t going to get stuck for the foreseeable future being one of five writers listed on big, mainstream projects, the way he is on World War Z. This guy is way too much of an artisan to be relegated to doing studio grunt work. Hopefully his negotiations with Fox go well.

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