The Boys Are Back: A Fresh Look at ‘The Expendables’

You’re looking forward to The Expendables, I’m looking forward to The Expendables, we’re all looking forward to The Expendables. Why? Because based on our most recent reader demographic survey, more than half of the people reading this are males. And anyone with correct male parts will have movement below the equator for the unrelenting assault of awesome that is to by Sylvester Stallone’s next movie. It’s part of what makes men men.

Lionsgate has punctuated the end of our week by providing us with this new TV spot for The Expendables, which features the song “The Boys Are Back in Town” by Thin Lizzy, a noted improvement over the angst-metal that played of the first trailer for the film. Not to knock the Godsmack-themed soundtrack of the film, but this musical choice seems to fit better with the tone of the marketing – this is a movie filled with some of the premiere names in ass-kicking, and it’s going to be a lot of fun. Like a class reunion for all the dudes who have racked up major body counts over the last 20 years.

Check out the new TV spot below, as well as the brand new banner above (which can be clicked an enlarged to enormous proportions).

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