The Blind Side 2: This Time It’s Personal

Our good friend Kent Nichols, one of the fine gentlemen responsible for the phenomenon known as Ask a Ninja, is a decision maker. He makes decisions all of the time. And this week, he decided that the world needed to revisit the world of The Blind Side, just in time for next year’s Oscar season to start heating up. So he’s made the following trailer, which I can only assume will evolve into the the story of a drunken homeless person who ends up recovering an on-side kick in the Superbowl. If it doesn’t, I assure you I will not be a happy person. This movie looks like a real heart-warming rags-to-rags story, if I’ve ever seen one.

Have a look (and a laugh) at the trailer below, and don’t forget to tip your waiter on the way out.

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