‘The Black Freighter’ Will Set Sail on the Watchmen DVD

For fans of Watchmen, the prospect of the literary masterpiece hitting the big screen has been something to cross fingers about. It’s had so many false starts since the 1980s on the path to the box office that it seems fitting that it’s now a major tent pole film for Warner Bros.’s 2009 line up.

Now there’s even reason to get excited about the DVD.

Empire has a great article featuring word from Gerard Butler that he’ll be voicing the Captain in an anime-style short of “The Black Freighter” to be included with the Watchmen DVD.

Fans of the illustrated novel know “The Black Freighter” as the story-within-the-story that focuses on a man’s desperate attempt to cross the ocean back to his hometown to warn them of an ensuing pirate attack. Admittedly, it’s tough to throw into a linear movie.

Man’s descent into madness? Pirate attack? Anime? It appears Zack Snyder and company are giving fans another date on the calendar to mark and one more project to get excited about in ’09.

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