The Best of the Rejects: May 3

One of the best parts about being the boss around here is that, for the most part, I get to enjoy reading the work of the other writers here on FSR. Some would call it a curse, having to read, edit and fine tune just about every article that hits the pages of this site, but I like to look at it as a blessing — I get to read some of the best movie-related articles on the web before anyone else. So when I say that I know what articles were the best from the past week, I’d say that I know what I’m talking about. Therefore it is only fitting that I am the one who gets to bring you this weekly column, The Best of the Rejects: An Ode to the Week That Was.

The Evolution of TV or: How I Learned to Love Battlestar Galactica
For the record, I am now on Season 3, only a week after discovering my addiction. There is nothing that can stop me now.

15 Must See Movies of Summer 2008
Just in case you haven’t been paying attention lately, these are the ones you cannot miss.

Twilight 101: An Introduction to the Next Big Thing?
Our own Michelle Graham lays down some knowledge on a little movie that is making some major waves. The die-hard fan base responds with a few comments.

Tara’s Tribeca Blog: War Inc. at the Cadillac Lounge
Tara and Robin are infiltrating the Tribeca Film Festival this week on our behalf. In this particular edition, Tara rubs elbows with Hilary Duff. Thank the Gods that we didn’t send Kevin Carr — Ms. Duff would not have made it out alive.

Movie Style Guy: Shades of Cool
Iron Man’s Robert Downey Jr. looks good in shades, so why can’t you? Our Movie Style Guy breaks down sexy eyewear just in time for your summer of love (movie love, that is).

Star Trek: The Young Hipster Generation
J.J. Abrams, like many of the people his age and under, grew up a Star Wars fanatic. So why, then, is a Yoda lover filming Spock?

Superhero Movies: Where Does Iron Man Rank?
Our Robert Fure takes a look at where Iron Man stands when he is put up against all the biggest, most badass superhero flicks from years past. Here’s a hint: Iron Man does pretty well.

And last, but certainly not least…

Movie Drinking Game: Iron Man
We know that you are headed out to see whether or not every critic in the country is wrong when they say that Iron Man rocks, so why not do a little drinking while you are out there…

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