‘The Angriest Man in Brooklyn’ Trailer Gives Robin Williams a Dying Shot at Being Nice

By  · Published on April 5th, 2014


You know that old saying “live each day as if it were your last”? While it’s supposed to be inspirational and designed to get you up off your butt and out into the world doing great things like traveling and confessing your love to your best friend, there’s also the view that it could be a terrifying and wholly negative statement. Living each day like it’s your last? That means you’re dying tomorrow. There’s so much you didn’t do!

The Angriest Man in Brooklyn takes this concept and amplifies it times 100 by giving America’s wacky uncle Robin Williams only 90 minutes to live. What’s a guy to do when he’s only got an hour and a half to do everything he has left to get done? The trailer for the film attempts to explain how Williams is going to attempt such a feat, and why the poor man is in this situation in the first place.

The film, a remake of the 1997 Israeli feature Mar Baum, is from Phil Alden Robinson, director of Sneakers (it should be noted that this is his first film in over 10 years since the fantastic The Sum of All Fears), and paints Williams as the titular angry man, a brash and maniacal Brooklynite who can’t control his temper for even the slightest of inconveniences: red lights, subwoofers, greeting cards, cheap cologne and people passing out flyers. When Dr. Mila Kunis attempts to explain to him that he has a fatal brain aneurysm, that’s just another thorn in his side, so she throws him an arbitrary 90 minutes to live to get him off her case.

Hey, it works – he’s at least got a moral compass for one day in his life to fix all the wrongs he’s done and the people he’s slighted, including brother Peter Dinklage, ex-wife Melissa Leo and buddy Richard Kind. Here’s where the concept gets iffy: will this comedy be taking place over the course of 90 minutes where Williams attempts to mend his broken bridges? We’ve seen what happens when you extend a ridiculously short time period for far too long, and it’s called the final season of How I Met Your Mother. Tread carefully, Robinson. The trailer shows Williams confronting Kunis and yelling that she made everything up because her cat jumped out the window – this makes no sense, but it’s intriguing to find out exactly what it means.

There’s no shortage of films like this, from the obvious The Bucket List, the Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson caper about a couple of dying dudes who just want to see the sites before kicking the titular bucket, to The Last Holiday, the Queen Latifah vehicle about a timid, terminally ill lady who decides to bust out of her shell and take a dream vacation before it’s too late. Hollywood has long latched onto the concept of the dying man (or woman) getting it all in before time runs out. While this one is more about a mean, mean man getting a little chance to be nice for the last time (getting a little bit of a Christmas Carol vibe?) than trying to live out his fantasies, there’s a large chance that it could fall into the same, cheesy trap.

Check out the trailer below:

The Angriest Man in Brooklyn is in theaters and on VOD May 23rd.