‘The American Scream’ Trailer: The Perfect Doc for Halloween

The American Scream Trailer

For tons of film geeks, Halloween is the best time of the year. We get to layer our movie weight under comfy sweaters, the squares suddenly show interest in makeup and demons and all sort of other strange stuff, and we can gorge on all of the cheesy horror movies we want without anyone thinking it’s weird. The new documentary from Best Worst Movie director Michael Stephenson follows subjects who feel much the same way about our calendar’s most Karo syrup-obsessed holiday. The American Scream is about three ordinary families who all share the same obsession: they take decorating their houses for Halloween way too seriously.

If you’ve seen Best Worst Movie, you probably know what to expect here. The American Scream makes a group of weirdos its focus, and manages to milk their weirdness for some laughs, but it also clearly has a deep affection for them, so things never feel mean or exploitative, and you might even get some insight into the human condition. When he took it in at Fantastic Fest recently, our own Luke Mullen called the movie, “another captivating window into a world of passionate fans.”

Looking for a chance to watch a Halloween-appropriate documentary before the holiday hits? Then this is going to be your chance. The American Scream debuts on the Chiller network on October 28, and is playing dates in select theaters all throughout the month. Many screenings can be found here, but do some digging, I happen to know that its showings in Chicago have expanded to encompass weekend midnight screenings for the rest of October. [via Press Release]

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