‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ Sequel is Already in the Works

James Vanderbilt, the man who wrote the script for Sony’s upcoming franchise relaunch The Amazing Spider-Man, has already been put to work writing the script for the sequel. And I don’t mean that he’s just getting some ideas together. Heat Vision reports that he has already met with studio execs, got the thumbs up for his proposal, and has been sent off to put pen to paper. Is this good news? Is this bad news? How do we react to something like this? Not only has the first film yet to be released, it hasn’t even finished shooting. What we might have stumbled upon here with this bite of news is the ultimate example of modern information overload. But, despite all that, I’m kind of happy to hear that a sequel is already in the works.

If you would have told me when I was walking out of Spider-Man 3 that I would be looking forward to a reboot of the franchise I would have thought you were crazy. If you told me I would be ready for it only a couple years after Raimi’s trilogy ended I would have had you committed. But here I am kind of looking forward to seeing The Amazing Spider-Man. I think it mostly has to do with the actors. Andrew Garfield really charmed me last year in The Social Network, and Emma Stone is just a doll. I would be looking forward to any project that paired these two promising young names up. If it happens to be a Spider-Man movie, why should I care? I like Spider-Man.

But now the way Vanderbilt is being treated by the studio gives me even more reason to look forward to Amazing. This guy was going to be the writer of the next Spider-Man movie even back when it was going to be Spider-Man 4. It’s kind of amazing that once Raimi and crew didn’t re-up for a fourth that they went back to the same writer to reboot the entire franchise. That tells me somebody somewhere must be pretty impressed with his take on the character. And now this news, them giving him the go ahead to write a sequel before the first is even done filming – it tells me that those same people must be pretty confident in what he produced the first time around.

In this volatile film market that level of confidence intrigues me. That tears it; I’m on board! With this writer and this cast, why not make a million more Spider-Man movies? Or at least a Spectacular and a Sensational. Maybe they should back off once they get around to putting together Spider-Man 2099. And I say that as an old school fan of Peter David.

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