‘The Amazing Spider-Man 3’ Probably Has a New Mary Jane


Why on Earth are we already reporting on The Amazing Spider-Man 3 when The Amazing Spider-Man 2 isn’t even finished being made? It’s a long story, one that starts with Monday’s news that Sony is so happy to have the rights to the Spider-Man property in their portfolio, they’ve already scheduled release dates for ASM 3 and 4, even before ASM 2 can be completed and released.

For fans of Marc Webb and the principal cast he’s put together for this new Spidey franchise, Sony’s faith and commitment to new films has to be seen as a good thing, but, unfortunately, planning for two more movies has forced some things to be shuffled around, and all of that shuffling doesn’t come without at least one casualty. From the looks of things, said casualty is going to be Shailene Woodley’s portrayal of Mary Jane Watson, which we were supposed to be seeing in ASM 2.

The whispering started Wednesday, when Heat Vision reported that, due to Webb’s story being expanded to four films, some of the material that was crowding ASM 2 was going to be cut in order for it to be postponed and better fleshed out come ASM 3, and the most important bit that was being cut was going to be the subplot that introduced Peter Parker’s second, more red-headed, more sassy love interest, Mary Jane Watson. The gist was that Woodley was only on set for three days of shooting, and her character’s introduction was something that would be better served coming later, when it could get the appropriate focus.

That wasn’t the end of the story though. An addendum to it stated that, in addition to Woodley’s scenes being cut from ASM 2, it was likely that the role of Mary Jane was going to be entirely recast for ASM 3. Why on Earth would you recast a role when you already have one of the most talented young actresses in the business playing it? Because Woodley also has commitments heading up another franchise, the dystopian future trilogy that’s being launched with Neil Burger’s Divergent, and her schedule there will likely prove to be too much to juggle alongside an expanded series of ASM movies.

So, given the fact that Woodley is likely out, who is Webb going to get to step into her shoes? Probably Canadian actress Sarah Gadon (Cosmopolis). Why is she the one most likely? Because of this tweet that just got tweeted by ETCanada:

Huge news for @sarahgadon – she just confirmed to us that she is joining The Amazing Spider-Man franchise pic.twitter.com/HpRcAMhQGU

— ET Canada (@ETCanada) June 21, 2013

While there has been no mention that Gadon is joining the franchise in the Mary Jane role, seeing as Webb is currently deep into production on ASM 2, it would seem very improbable that he’d be spending any of his time right now worrying about casting, unless it was because he was taking steps to nip this Mary Jane situation in the bud. Of course, there’s always the possibility that he’s realized he needs to do a couple of reshoots for ASM 2, reshoots that would require the introduction of another small character or something, but what are the chances that would involve an up-and-coming actress who we recognize and would be reported on by Entertainment Tonight? Most likely there’s a bottle of red hair dye in Gadon’s future.

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