The Alamo Drafthouse is Bringing Back the Summer of 1982, And It’s Going To Be Epic!

Alamo Drafthouse Summer of 1982

Blade Runner. Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. The Road Warrior. The list of incredible films released during the summer of 1982 goes on and on. From E.T. to Tron, it could very well be the greatest summer of movies in the history of nerds, geeks, lovers of cinema and eaters of popcorn. It was one of those summers that defined the term “Summer Movie.” The only sad thing about it is that 1982 came before many of us were born. An entire generation of movie geeks who grew up with these movies, but never quite got to experience them all together as they did in that one magical summer.

The Alamo Drafthouse is looking to change that. To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the “greatest summer of movies ever,” our friends at the Alamo have designed a screening series unlike any other. Mirroring the release schedule – to the best of their ability – of the Summer of 1982, the Drafthouse will present 1982’s best blockbusters in 35mm, with plenty of Mondo posters, special guests and a few other surprises that – and I say this with only limited knowledge beyond what we’re telling you here – will absolutely blow your minds. They’ve asked a special group of websites – Film School Rejects included – to co-host each screening. We drew The Road Warrior. It’s basically the greatest thing to happen to us since, well, we first saw The Road Warrior. So if you’re in the area of an Alamo Drafthouse, we’ve got the ultimate plan for your Summer 2012. It’s the Summer of 1982.

The full line-up can be found at The series poster, full press release and a trailer can be found below. Please clean up, should you fail to control your bodily functions while perusing the schedule. It’s been happening and it’s starting to smell around here.

Alamo Drafthouse Summer of 1982

Austin, TX – — Friday, March 2, 2012 – — Alamo Drafthouse is recreating the “Summer of 1982” to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the greatest summer of movies… ever! From May through July, the theater will replicate 1982’s earth-shaking release schedule, screening eight of the biggest genre classics on the same weekends they were released exactly 30 years ago. These gargantuas include Conan the Barbarian, The Road Warrior, Rocky III, Poltergeist, Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, E.T., The Thing and Tron, all presented in 35mm.

As you can see, the “Summer of 1982” was an unprecedented super-tornado of Hollywood magic, mixing high adventure with interstellar impossibilities and unthinkable horrors. A generation of imaginations were set aflame, and there has never been another stretch of cinematic dynamite to match it. These movies endured beyond their opening weekend and decades later the releases throughout the “Summer of 1982” are forever tattooed on the hearts of movie fans across the globe.

Alamo Drafthouse is excited to partner with eight film sites on “Summer of 1982”, working collaboratively to honor this very special (and relentlessly fun) chapter in movie history. The editors and writers of these sites all cite this summer as being formative to their movie geekdom. Ain’t It Cool News, Badass Digest, Collider, Film School Rejects, First Showing, Hit Fix, Movies & Slashfilm will each co-host their own “Summer of 1982” movie.

The programmers are currently scheming additional ways to turn back the clock to 1982 at the Alamo, including lining up all of the 35mm trailers that originally played with each film on their opening weekend! There will be fun ballyhoo, special guests and stunning new Mondo posters for select films.

Alamo Drafhouse will celebrate the “Summer of 1982” in all markets across Texas and Winchester, VA. The following schedule is set at the Alamo Drafthouse Ritz in Austin. Stay tuned for news from other Alamo theaters on their schedule.

May 25 – ROCKY III
June 8 – E.T.
June 22 – THE THING
July 6 – TRON

*Note, the Alamo programming team is working hard to schedule the sci-fi opus BLADE RUNNER. Watch for updates via @drafthouse and

Watch the Summer of 1982 trailer below:

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