The 2012 Year in Review Rises

By  · Published on December 26th, 2012

It’s the day after Christmas. Hopefully you weren’t the one who forgot the batteries this year. If you did, go run to your local CVS and get them. We’ll wait.

Alright, moving on. Now that Christmas is officially over, everyone will now be looking toward the end of the year as the next big thing. College football bowl games, new year’s resolutions and the one thing the Internet was truly built on: top ten lists. As any longtime reader might tell you, Film School Rejects has always been great with wrapping up a full year with a week of lists. You might even call us the original hipsters of list-writing, if that weren’t such an uncool thing to say. This year, we’re not doing anything differently. Just as we did with the 2011 Year in Review, we’re going to take our time and do it right. We know, you’re tired of lists. Everyone on the Internet wants you to know what they thought were the Top 10 Things That Happened During Sunday Brunch. Or they want you to comment on their Top 10 Films of Spring 2012 That Included At Least One Smoking Scene.

Our advice: don’t read those lists. Read ours.

With that in mind, today begins a full week of recapping the best, worst and most notable things that happened in the world of entertainment in 2012. The best soundtracks, the worst movies, the best performances, the filmmakers who wowed us, the year in facial hair, the best trailers, posters, foreign films, horror films, articles we wrote, movie posters, short films, Criterion Releases, TV shows. And heck, even the most random list of best and worst things you’ll find on any movie blog. Why? Because this is what we do best. Without further ado, we’re incredibly proud to present our 2012 Year in Review.

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