The 16 Best Things From Hasbro’s Toy Fair: From ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ to ‘Transformers’

By  · Published on February 17th, 2014

What’s most striking about the cavalcade of new toys recently rolled out at New York City’s own Toy Fair is how familiar they are. Look, over there! Transformers that switch from vehicle to robot and back, right next to the new G.I. Joe sets! Behind them, an ever-evolving set of Star Wars figures and play packs, just a short stroll from tiny Mr. Potato Heads dressed as Marvel superheroes. There is, of course, also a heavily armed raccoon screaming pithy remarks to anyone who will listen, but a lot of what rounds out Hasbro’s latest set of toy lines are old characters made new – or, at least, newish.

The team at Hasbro is kind enough to preview its major lines – from Marvel to My Little Pony and back – every year before Toy Fair really gets going, allowing journalists to pack a small convention center and ooh and ahh (sometimes, quite loudly) over new collections, especially those pegged to new feature films (Guardians of the Galaxy, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and the latest Transformers all debuted fresh toy accompaniments) and existing properties that still stand tall (yes, there were plenty of Star Wars items, though nothing that seems directly related to the new films in the series). What toys are destined to crowd your shelves soon? And which toys just might give us a read on heavily anticipated films? Take a look, and brace for those tiny Mr. Potato Heads.

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And, because is the way of the world, most every presentation at the Hasbro preview (quite heavily) hinted that San Diego Comic-Con will bring still more reveals of new toys that the kids (big and little) in your life will soon start demanding.

Did any of these toys catch your eye?

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