‘That’s My Boy’ Red Band Trailer Includes a Lot of Cursing, Is Still an Adam Sandler Movie

The first trailer for That’s My Boy showed us what would have happened if a pubescent Adam Sandler had become a father. The results…well, they looked a lot like an Adam Sandler movie. But at least it seemed like Sandler was finally going back to his raunchy roots and not giving us something as saccharine and lame as his most recent works (though I’m certain That’s My Boy’s third act will segue into Sandler’s trademark sentimentality). Well, the marketing team behind the film is back, and this time they’ve given us a red band trailer that provides us with an even better idea of the depths of depravity Sandler is willing to reach with his latest endeavor.

The material here is certainly dirtier than what we got the first time around, but unfortunately it doesn’t appear to be any funnier. Sandler’s silly voices, sexual references, and slapstick humor feel like relics of the ’90s at this point, and dressing it all up with a bunch of F-bombs only goes so far toward making you forget how many years ago it was that we all first listened to “Fatty McGee” and laughed at the foul-mouthed crudity. At this point, Sandler’s best chance at continued relevance is likely to come from acting in other people’s films, rather than putting these lackluster ‐ though I’m sure more profitable for him personally ‐ Happy Madison movies together.

And still, That’s My Boy does appear to benefit a bit from having Andy Samberg playing the role of the put-upon son. He gives us someone to relate to and an excuse for Sandler to go crazy. For too long Sandler has been trying to have his cake and eat it too by making his protagonist characters both crude cavemen as well as the relatable windows through which we’re supposed to see his film’s worlds. Though its advertising is clearly pandering to the lowest common denominator, it’s not yet clear that That’s My Boy doesn’t have what it takes to be an acceptable R-rated comedy. Help us Andy Samberg, you’re our only hope.

That’s My Boy opens on June 15. [Yahoo! Movies]

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