Texas, ‘Comin’ at Ya!’ Is Coming At You! Now Watch The Trailer In Preparation

By  · Published on February 4th, 2012

Do you like insane spaghetti Westerns? Of course you do, your eyeballs work. But I can personally guarantee that you have not seen anything until you seen an insane spaghetti Western…in 3D! During last year’s Fantastic Fest, our ocular cavities were lovingly assaulted by the tidal wave of extra-dimensional madness of 1981’s Comin’ at Ya!

The film, which was made at the dawn of, and credited with contributing to, the resurgence of studio-released 3D films, is a nasty, gritty revenge story that works in a number of hilarious gimmicks designed to force-feed imagines from the screen into your consciousness. The film made such an impression that it was picked up for distribution by the young, but formidable, Drafthouse Films. Yes, as in The Alamo Drafthouse. Drafthouse Films has already helped spread the good news of Christopher Morris’ Four Lions and their recent acquisition Bullhead is nominated for an Oscar in the Best Foreign Language Film category. Now they’ve given this little indie absurdity a fancy digital restoration for its Texas theatrical launch.

Need more convincing to see Comin’ at Ya? What’s wrong with you? In any event, we’ve included the trailer to help prepare your brains for the visual roundhouse kick of pure cinema magic that is Ferdinando Baldi’s Comin’ at Ya! And we’ve also listed the cities and theaters below that will be playing this amazing gem, one of my favorite entries from Fantastic Fest 2011, starting February 24th.

Alamo Drafthouse South Lamar
Alamo Drafthouse Village
Alamo Drafthouse Lake Creek

Bedford Movie Tavern

Hulen Movie Tavern
Rave Cinemas Hickory Creek
Rave Cinemas Ridgemar

Denton Movie Tavern

Alamo Drafthouse Mason Park
Willowbrook Movie Tavern
Rave Cinemas Yorktown 15

Rave Cinemas Northeast Mall 18

Alamo Drafthouse Park North

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