Terry Gilliam, Billy Bob Thornton Conceive the ‘Zero Theorem’

Before Terry Gilliam gets lost in La Mancha again, it looks like he’s teaming up with Billy Bob Thornton, getting the actor to lead in a new project called Zero Theorem. And it looks like production starts the first week of May.

According to /Film via Tout Le Cine – which I’m pretty sure is French for “Slash Film” – that Thornton will be playing an ingenious recluse who, while working on a mysterious project, attempts to answer the giant questions of life. Gilliam and The Absurd Questions of life sounds like the project will be brilliant and probably make $34 in worldwide gross. But it will be brilliant.

As most of you know, I speak fluent French, but I decided to throw the article from Tout Le Cine into the old Free Translation Machine, and got this:

Before to be able to raise his Gift Quichotte, Terry Gilliam (the photo) will have to accomplish another project currently to the stadium of the preparation and of which shooting will unfold itself as early as the 1st May 2009. It is a matter of Zero Theorem.

Produces by Richard and Dean Zanuck, principally animated by Billy Bobsled Thornton, Zero Theorem presents a genius of reclusive and tormented data processing that, while working on a mysterious project, stretched to reply once for all to the questions relating to absurdity and to the life direction. A synopsis for the less sibylline one to condense a scenario writes by Pat Rushin, professor of English of the University of Florida and author of the anthology of new Quantum Physics and my dog Bobsled.

Currently to the stadium of the preparation! Sounds awesome!

What do you think? Curious about another Gilliam Masterpiece? Indifferent? Billy Bobsled Thornton?

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