Terrence Howard and Dawn Olivieri Set to Join Newly-Titled Schwarzenegger Flick ‘Breacher’

Up until this point they’ve been calling David Ayer’s upcoming Arnold Schwarzenegger-starring crime film Ten. Which has made sense, because its a story about 10 DEA agents who rip off a drug cartel and then get bumped off one by one. But Ten is also a generic title that could mean just about anything, so in order to make the film stand out and be more recognizable they’ve now given it the super descriptive and unforgettable title of…Breacher.

Okay, so that just makes it sound like this is a movie about a whale or a submarine. Who actually knows why they changed the title, but the deed has been done, and the important thing to focus on is that there’s some new casting news that might be of interest.

Breacher, as has been reported, comes from a Skip Woods script that’s loosely based off of an Agatha Christie story called “And Then There Were None.” Christie’s original story detailed the systematic comeuppance of ten previously unpunished murderers. Seeing as the very core of this story is a group of people getting what’s coming to them, it’s going to be very necessary for Ayer to compile an ensemble cast. And as much as we all might love to watch Schwarzenegger don various wigs and prosthetics to play every part, that’s kind of Eddie Murphy’s thing, and wouldn’t be appropriate.

Consequently, further casting on the feature has commenced. The first step in the process was locking up Avatar star Sam Worthington, which takes care of one of those ten openings, and now THR is reporting that two more are close to being successfully filled. According to the trade, Hustle and Flow actor Terrence Howard and TV vet Dawn Olivieri are currently negotiating to play two of the DEA agents. Their characters are having an affair, as well as been busy hatching a plot to re-steal the already stolen goods.

With this news, it now appears that Breacher isn’t going to be a simple gauntlet of murder and destruction after all. This is a story that has at least one double-crossing layered in, and at least two of its characters are officially doing it. Sounds intriguing, no?

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