‘Terminator 5’ Will Be Rated R, Reaffirming Megan Ellison’s Awesomeness


Normally I’m not a very big fan of the way rich people spend their money, but Megan Ellison got in my good graces the minute I heard about her existing by starting up Annapurna Pictures and lending funding to interesting sounding projects like John Hillcoat’s Wettest County and Paul Thomas Anderson’s upcoming Scientology movie. Her star dimmed a bit in my eyes, however, when she picked up the rights to the Terminator franchise with the intentions of making another Terminator feature. Why did this new angel in my life who appeared out of nowhere and started funding artsy films just stab me in the back by continuing a once-beloved franchise that has already been run into the ground? I thought for sure our love affair was over.

But now she’s had an exchange on Twitter that has got her back in my good graces. I’m nothing if not fickle. Fan site The Terminator Fans, tried to get some info about the upcoming fifth film by contacting the producer on the service and asking, “@meganeellison We hope you can bring this franchise back from the brink of PG-13 HELL! Can we mail you some questions?” It turns out that no, no they can’t ask her some questions, but her response was both gracious and exciting anyway. Ellison got back to them by responding, “@terminatorfans We can’t really tell you guys anything about Terminator BUT it will be an R rated film as God and James Cameron intended.”

There’s just something about one of the forces behind the next Terminator film saying that God intended for action/horror mashups to be R rated that warms my cockles. I still don’t think that this is a franchise that needs to go any further than it already has, but at least it’s going to give us some extreme cyborg violence.

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