‘Tbilisi, I Love You’ Trailer: Georgia Rules

Tbilisi I Love You

If after Paris and New York you guessed that the capital of Georgia would be the next in the Cities of Love franchise, pat yourself on the back. To be fair, Rio is also hitting this year, but it still feels like Tbilisi, I Love You is a major outlier, and that’s a beautiful thing. Skating around two of the largest, overexposed cities on the planet is one thing, but truly introducing massive audiences to the land of the Rose Revolution has the potential to be transformative.

There are some familiar faces – like Ron Perlman and Malcolm McDowell – but there’s a crowd of local talent to keep things grounded. Plus, the same drill is in place: 10 short films from Georgian filmmakers showcasing love and the city.

And as a bonus, the trailer looks sharp. Face slaps, topless dancing, smoking, escalators…all the ingredients you’d expect for romance with a bit of urban drama.

Tbilisi, I Love You opens February 20th.

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