Tarantino, Castellari talk ‘Inglorious Bastards’

Quentin Tarantino talks Inglorious Bastards

According to AICN, Quentin Tarantino recently sat down for an interview with Enzo Castellari (which apparently is like really crazy since Tarantino’s film is a remake of Castellari’s or something), commenting in the process that the exploitation Men on a Mission film he won’t stop talking about, Inglorious Bastards (set for release sometime in 2010), will actually be two separate films, rather than one, thus giving Tarantino even more to talk about (sigh).

A couple of cool things that did come out of this interview: first, Castellari gave Tarantino some ill pointers on including and updating his infamous slow-motion scene; second, it confirmed that some action is indeed being taken on the project, which Tarantino has been writing for the past 6 years; and we also found out that this will be the first film (or films, we should say) that Tarantino has written without certain actors in mind for each character in the film.

Hopefully some more interesting information will leak out soon about Inglorious Bastards, which you can currently pre-order in a 3-DVD format before its July 29th release.

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