Talking Points: Are You Going to See Cloverfield?

We have a well-documented history of spreading the love to Paramount’s monster movie Cloverfield, as we have been following it closely since July 2, 2007 when the first teaser trailer preceded Transformers. Since then, this monster movie has become — for lack of a better term — a hype monster with a mind of its own. Thanks to viral marketing, producer J.J. Abrams’ committment to keeping information under lock and key and the lowkey personas of director Matt Reeves and his young cast, we have seen nothing but more and more build up for this January release.

On top of all that, we are seeing positive reactions from all corners of the webosphere. Our own Robert Fure hit us with an early review and said that it “is a mixture of Jaws, The Blair Witch Project, and Godzilla. It actually bears a lot of similarities to the American “reimagining” of Godzilla, but without the Doritos ads (It’s Nokia, this time) and less fish jokes, French men, and mini-Godzilli (Godzillas?). But to be fair to Cloverfield, it’s much better than that steaming pile of fish guts.”

And there is more. Of course we know that Harry Knowles goo’d all over it, but thats not all. Our good friend Alex and First Showing called it a “classic”. Another friend of the Rejects, Vic at Screenrant also gave it much love: “Will it win an Oscar or Golden Globe? Heck no. Was it fun and exciting to sit through? Hell yes. This is what the ridiculously weak American version of Godzilla that came out a few years ago should have been.”

So there you have it — that is what the pros have to say about the flick. The consensus seems to be that it is a lot of fun and that it lives up to the hype. Then again, it appears that you must take it for what it is. So that leads us to our Wednesday Talking Points:

Talking Point #1: Are you going to head out to see Cloverfield this weekend?

Talking Point #2: Based on the hype plus the positive reaction from reviewers, do you think Cloverfield is going to be a runaway hit, smoking the early year box office?

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