SXSW Gets Partially Dragged to Hell

Allison Lohman gets muddy in Drag Me To Hell

It was almost exactly a year ago that Ellen Page was dropping out of Sam Raimi’s Drag Me to Hell – the sort of movie that horror buffs look forward to if only to see if an old shocker can shake of the spider webs and return to his murdering, raping tree roots. Almost immediately after Page was out, Allison Lohman stepped in to fill the void, and it looks like some SXSW audiences will get a chance to check out her work when Raimi presents a “work in progress version” of the film at the Texas film fest. We can also catch a glimpse of her looking down and dirty in a new image [which you can click to largify]:


Personally, I plan on walking out of the Film School Reject International Headquarters a block or two in order to catch the footage.

The film, as we already know, focuses on a young loans processor who finds herself on the wrong end of a curse when she attempts to evict an old woman from her house. Her life spirals down, she enlists the help of a psychic, and evil forces clash with her personal interest in not going crazy or dying a horrid death.

This is pretty fantastic news, and makes the festival that much more worthwhile to check out. Plus, Neil Miller will be somewhere during the festival handing out free hugs. Impossible to pass up? Your gut reaction is probably correct.

What do you think? Are you excited to see this thing well on its way? Anxious to have Raimi return to horror form?

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