SXSW 08: More Panels Added

Neil and I will soon be making a million hour drive down to Austin Texas to bring you, our beloved readers, some coverage of one of the biggest and most diverse film festivals in the country. Known for bringing fans closer to the source of film, the South By Southwest Film Festival puts an emphasis on panel discussions and workshops. With over 50 panels and workshops already scheduled for SXSW, how could it get much better? You can now expect the newly added panels with Billy Bob Thornton, Dwight Yoakam, Jeffrey Tambor and some other interesting stuff.

Over at Matt Dentler’s blog, he recapped announcement of the new panels to expect at SXSW this year.

Among the newly-announced additions to the panels schedule are: “A Conversation with Billy Bob Thornton & Dwight Yoakam” on March 11, “Coming Soon: The Making of a Trailer” scheduled for March 10, “An Actor’s Workshop with Jeffrey Tambor” on March 9, “Drugs, Politics, and Race: A ‘Harold & Kumar’ Panel” and “What the Writers’ Strike Taught Us” on March 8.

I’m pretty psyched to talk to Jeffrey Tambor, and see his thoughts on the possible Arrested Development film. It wouldn’t be a bad deal to get a few words in with Billy Bob Thornton. No matter what, it sounds like there will be alot that can be learned and shared through these new panels, and I think that audiences should be pretty excited about these additions.

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