‘Surrogates’ Goes Viral in Time for NYCC


It’s been a while since we heard anything about Bruce Willis’ latest movie, Surrogates, but with the start of NY Comic Con comes a viral site for Virtual Self Industries at Choose Your Surrogate.

The site is an advertisement for Virtual Self Industries, a company that specializes in creating virtual surrogates, or avatars, for individuals in a future in which humans live in isolation and never leave their homes. These idealized, robotic versions of humans are charged with completing all tasks that take place outside of the home. In the film, Willis plays a police officer who is forced to leave his home for the first time in years in order to investigate a series of avatar murders (but, can it really be called murder if you’re killing a robot? Hmm…).

Feel free to browse the site, which has a very futuristic look and feel and contains everything from a company profile of Virtual Self Industries to a 3-D tour of the company that details the development of the Surrogate technology and the milestones leading to its universal penetration. Watch out, though—it seems as though around every corner you will be asked to sign up for the Touchstone Pictures Premier Club.

Originally based on a graphic novel also titled “The Surrogates,” Surrogates is set for release September 25th of this year.

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