Superhero Movie Is Actually Pretty Funny…

Drake Bell and Sara Paxton in Superhero Movie

This particular post is a tough one, as I know that many of you will immediately disagree with the statement in the title. But allow me to say this before you jump all over me like a pack of wild paparazzi chasing a drunk Lindsay Lohan out of a club: you probably haven’t seen Superhero Movie yet, and I have. The fact that you haven’t seen it makes your opinion completely erratic and irrelevant. The fact that I did pay my $5 (gotta love a matinee) and spent my valuable 85 minutes viewing the film gives me the right to say that it was actually pretty damn funny.

Aside from the extremely cute Sara Paxton, who could singlehandedly take the sting out of just about anything, Superhero Movie boasts a story that is unlike other parody movies such as Epic Movie or Meet the Spartans in that it does not divert away from the genre that it is spoofing. And when it does throw in a pop culture reference, everything from a Tom Cruise impersonation (see the video below) to a well-placed set of Steven Hawking jokes, they always have something to do with the core story. As well, there are a few key performances that made the movie worth watching — one from “Arrested Development” star Jeffrey Tambor and another from Leslie Nielson, who just proves that he’s still got it.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that Superhero Movie is going to be the movie of the year, or even that it is a “good” film by traditional standards. But as far as spoof movies go, this is probably the best one I’ve seen since the first Scary Movie. It is almost worth recommending…

Interestingly enough, the film finishes by showing a bunch of scenes during the credits that were cut from the film — and rightfully so. It is almost as if director Craig Mazin is reaching out to the audience and saying “see, it could have been a lot worse.” Instead, it was unexpectedly fun. I found myself laughing, looking around to make sure that I wasn’t alone, then laughing some more. You might too, if you dare to give this one a shot.

The video below will offer you a little insight into the humor, as actor Miles Fisher impersonates Tom Cruise being interviewed about The Dragonfly, the main character of the film. It is actually pretty good.

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