Maybe something completely immature and ridiculous is what we need right meow.

It is of no concern to me if the simple fact of loving the film Super Troopers is seen as a sign of immaturity. I love that damn movie. And the notion of a sequel is fine by me, as I know it is being made with passion by the exact same group of people that made the first one. Will it be silly? Yes. Will it be crass? Absolutely. Is that exactly what we need in a moment where our real world is deadly serious and terrifying? Maybe.

The first teaser for Super Troopers 2 has arrived and my take is that you should watch it. It’s a bit of nostalgia for a comedy made in a different time. Filmed in 2001 and released in early 2002, Super Troopers is sort of the last bastion of the skit-heavy situational comedies of the 1990s. In my mind, it’s the pinnacle of a brand of comedy that suffered through a number of SNL stars of the 90s breaking out into their own movies. The Broken Lizard troupe simply perfected the formula.

Now we’re coming home to the land of Rod Farva and a crew of Vermont state troopers who will undoubtedly have to shape up in time to stop some nefarious plot. And it feels good.

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