Sundance Sales So Far: Now with Nazi Zombies!

Sundance Sales

Skiing isn’t the only thing that goes down at Sundance. In fact, from what I hear, practically no one actually skis. They’re too busy making deals, selling their films in bathrooms and doing too much peyote to actually write reviews of the films they’ve seen there. Here’s some of the movies that have already sold.

If you’re a filmmaker, and you aren’t on the list, you might want to wait around in the bathroom until you run into an important executive-type. Just sit in the stall and tap your foot twice to let them know you have something hot for sale.

Brooklyn’s Finest

Sold to: Senator Distribution for under $5 million

Synopsis: Directed by Antoine Fuqua (Training Day), the story of three Brooklyn cops whose lives become intertwined after definitively different career paths. Stars Richard Gere, Don Cheadle, and Ethan Hawke. Finest was the first to sell of the festival.

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Black Dynamite

Sold to: Sony for around $2 million

Synopsis: A blaxploitation lovefest, campy and brilliant. It follows the story of Black Dynamite, a neighborhood hero badass who wants to clean up the heroine-filled, malt-liqour-soaked streets.

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Sold to: Magnolia Pictures

Synopsis: Another entry into the Mumblecore movement – two straight, male friends (one married and stable, the other single and wandering) challenge each other to make a porno together. Directed by Lynn Shelton

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Sold to: Fox Searchlight

Synopsis: A romantic comedy about an autistic man who develops a relationship with one of his neighbors. Directed by Max Mayer, it stars Hugh Dancy and Rose Byrne.

The Winning Season

Sold to: Lionsgate

Synopsis: A sports film about a high school girls’ basketball team led by a grumpy has-been coach. Stars Sam Rockwell and Emma Roberts. It sounds a lot like A League of Their Own: Inside the Paint.

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Dead Snow

Sold to: IFC FIlms

Synopsis: Nazi Zombies. Specifically, a horror film focusing on a group of teenagers on a ski trip who have to deal with…ahem…Nazi Zombies.

These movies will probably be headed to a mega-multi-plex or indie art house near you within the next year or so. Be on the lookout.

Stay tuned for more acquisitions as they come in. And be sure to click here for our Full Sundance Coverage.

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