Sundance 2010: Joseph Gordon-Levitt Wants to Make a Movie With You

By  · Published on January 22nd, 2010

Early this morning, myself and fellow blogger Chase Whale from Gordon and the Whale had breakfast with our Sundance partners at G-Technology. There, we talked about another partner of their campaign, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and his collaboration site

If you haven’t checked it yet, allow me to stump for a moment. Gordon-Levitt, who you know from movies such as Brick and 500 Days of Summer, has started a website for aspiring filmmakers of the YouTube generation. It’s an interesting little project that allows users to contribute publicly to film projects. Whether you’re a writer, editor, director, composer or on-screen personality, Joe has a need for you. In this writer’s opinion, its a very cool project. The landscape of creating video online (in a way that doesn’t always involve cats on skateboards), there are only a handful of places for people to go who are serious about getting in on filmmaking. Which leads me to a question:

Do you create content online (short films, YouTube series, etc) and never make any money off of it?

Chances are (if you’re doing video online or making short films) you’re not making a lot of money. Or you’re not making any at all. And I will go out on a limb and assume that you’d like to make some money – or maybe some films in your future. Here’s one chance for you. Watch the video below and join the cause of Mr. Gordon-Levitt and his HitRecord project. If you collaborate with them and it makes it into their Sundance presentation, you could get paid. So go get yo movie check.

And while you’re at it, check out my coverage and others over at I will be catching up with Joseph (hopefully) a few times over the next week to talk about G-Technology, HitRecord and his latest film Hesher.

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