‘Stranger Things’ Parody Puts the “Super” in “Super Freak”

By  · Published on October 26th, 2017

Apologies to Rick James.

Created by sisters Hilly and Hannah Hindi (who also star as all-too-accurate versions of Mike and Eleven), this “Super Freak” parody of Stranger Things has everything you might want in a music video based on a series based on the nostalgic memories of two ‘80s-obsessed brothers.

The actors (Richard Speight, Jr., Phil LaMarr, and Kim Rhodes) mimic the facial expressions and tics of the original kids well, the costuming is spot-on, and the silliness factor is through the roof. Stranger Things always put its aesthetics in front of its story and, well, the parody does the same.

It helps that the second season of the Netflix smash is premiering this weekend, allowing the buzz to sweep this parody into the category of enjoyable refreshers. It wasn’t a Ghostbusters riff, but hey, they’re probably saving that for next year’s Halloween. Until then, enjoy the uncanny weirdness that is a bunch of adults that look disconcertingly like a group of kids.

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