‘Stitches’ Trailer Turns ‘It’ Into a Dark Slasher Comedy


It’s really difficult to understand what the hell is going on in the trailer for the Irish clown-based slasher comedy Stitches, but the fact that there’s an Irish clown-based slasher comedy is pretty awesome. If the movie is able to strike the weird tonal balance seen here, it’ll be a winner.

In some moments, it looks like a serious revenge film where a Bad Santa style children’s party clown comes back from the dead to cut up some drunken revelers. In others, Stitches is trying to chase people while riding a tricycle built for someone 1/4th his size.

Comedy gets blood all over it, and everyone wins. Check out the trailer for yourself:

Stitches hits limited theaters on (of course) April 1st, followed by DVD and Blu-ray the next day.