Steve Jobs, The Terminator and ‘G.I. Joe’ Are Back

Ashton Kutcher as Steve Jobs

What else are you going to do in the middle of the day besides reading movie news? Work? Not a chance. With that in mind, we’re here for your daily news break. A bunch of industry news, not all of which is deeply fascinating, but all of which is worth noting. Today it’s all about Steve Jobs, Ghost Rider and the Terminator.

JOBS is getting an August release. The 16th of August, to be exact, is when you’ll be able to see Ashton Kutcher take on the iconic role of Steve Jobs and his early days in the creation of Apple Inc. It’s a performance that our own Kate Erbland called “perfectly serviceable.” Can’t wait for August!

Terminator has landed at Paramount, at least for distribution. There has been no reports of an actual Terminator on the Paramount Lot. Though you never know, as at least one of those guys can change his shape. Rights holder Annapurna Pictures and Megan Ellison will produce the film then hand it off to Paramount for distribution. Rumor is that it will begin production early next year. More to come, we’re sure of it.

Jon M. Chu wants more G.I. Joe, according to new reports. The director is said to be coming back for a third G.I. Joe film, one that has apparently been in the works for some time. With Paramount on the warpath for franchises to fill their recently created Marvel gap, G.I. Joe and its most recent success ($365 million worldwide for Retaliation) are an obvious choice. Hopefully they will figure out a way to make one of these without major delays this time.

Ghost Rider isn’t Marvel’s just yet, as reported by some folks following the legal proceedings around the rights to the iconic, fire-skulled character. The depth of the argument (and subsequent court case) go far beyond just making movies, as it also puts a great deal of scrutiny on the way Marvel has been doing business for years.

Ready for a Choose Your Own Adventure movie? 20th Century Fox is reportedly making a play for the rights to a popular book. Could this mean a “cross-platform, four-quadrant, action-adventure franchise” could be the thing of the future? It would be an interesting experiment, to say the least.

Disney is considering a Muppets stage show. It’s time to most literally start the music, light the lights and meet the Muppets, as that sounds like a fantastic idea.

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