Amy Adams to play Amelia Earhart in Night at the Museum 2

When last we mentioned a sequel for Night At the Museum here on FSR, the prospect was shocking, not only to the readers but also to the writer. The only saving grace was the promise of Amy Adams in a then unknown role, and now, a few months on down the line not only have we a character for Miss Adams, but also another reason to watch the dreaded sequel.

While nothing can ever save Night at the Museum 2: Escape from the Smithsonian from either its terribly long title or its affiliation with the terrible original, there were some high points that shouldn’t be overlooked. Firstly, the title is useful, it probably tells us the entire plot, so no one going in is too shocked by what occurs on screen. Lord knows, no one goes to the movies to be surprised! Secondly, some characters were great fun, and by this, I’m of course referring to the miniature cowboy and roman warrior. For such tiny people, they had the most fun aspects to play around with, and it’s great to see that Steve Coogan (Roman) and Owen Wilson (cowboy) will return for the sequel.

Of course, the writers of Escape (the title really is FAR too long) can’t just reuse old characters in a new setting, that would be ridiculous! They have probably got a long list of fun celebrities, all ready to pop up throughout history, and the latest two to be announced are, I have to say, sounding like fun. As mentioned previous, Ms. Adams, fresh from her Disney stint in Enchanted (and with loads of other movies in between) is all set to play a character with a crush on Ben Stiller (we’re suspending disbelief with difficult) and this character is the world renowned Amelia Earhart! Apparently Adams isn’t easily intimidated, as it’s well known that Hilary Swank (who has not one, but two best actress statuettes sitting in her bathroom, or wherever the cool kids are keeping em these days) is taking on the exact same character in a biopic, imaginatively entitled Amelia, also due out in 2009. Somehow, I don’t think the characters will be treated in the same manner though.. Fill the bad guy quota for the movie is none other than Hank Azaria, he who’s been in… Everything? According to Azaria:

“I am playing a fictional Egyptian pharaoh that comes to life,” Azaria revealed to MTV News. “I’m the villain in the movie and have all sorts of nasty plans for modern society and poor Ben Stiller gets caught in the middle of it.”

Personally, I’m holding out hope that we’ll also get Robin Williams back in his role as Teddy Roosevelt, but if not, bringing back the little guys alone might change my mind as to whether I spend my hard earned cash on a ticket to this cash in.

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