Steve Carell Adds ‘Lunatics’ to His Crazy-Crowded Schedule

Steve Carell seems to be attaching himself to a new project on a daily basis. Just off the top of my head, he’s got Dogs of Babel, Burt Wonderstone, and Seeking a Friend for the End of the World coming up – so I’m starting to take all of these attachments with a grain of salt. Is he really going to be able to squeeze all of these starring roles into his schedule? But, nonetheless, another one has been announced. The latest news, coming out of Deadline Armonk, is that Carell will be starring in an adaptation of a Dave Barry and Alan Zweibel novel called “Lunatics.” The books centers on a rivalry between two suburban dads that escalates to the point that it creates butterfly effect-type global consequences.

More specifically, the novel’s description on Amazon reads, “Philip Horkman is a happy man-the owner of a pet store called The Wine Shop, and on Sundays a referee for kids’ soccer. Jeffrey Peckerman is the sole sane person in a world filled with goddamned jerks and morons, and he’s having a really bad day. The two of them are about to collide in a swiftly escalating series of events that will send them running for their lives, pursued by the police, soldiers, terrorists, subversives, bears, and a man dressed as Chuck E. Cheese.”

The screenplay will be adapted by Barry and Zweibel themselves, but there is yet to be a director attached to the project. Maybe, if he’s not too busy, Carell can just start directing the movies he’s in as well. That would be the way to really rub his success in the noses of those chumps still doing The Office.

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