Steve Buscemi and Michael Cera are Revolting!

The prospect of Michael Cera playing a gawky, sex-crazed fourteen year old who destroys a family vacation all in the name of trading in his V-Card and tasting that sweet, sweet nectar of maturity for the first time either sounds too perfect or too obvious.

Before you start conjuring up images of Superbad meets RV, the story in question is an adaptation of the outlandish C.D. Payne novel “Youth in Revolt,” and Cera will handle starring duties as Nick Twisp, a teenager who fakes his own exile to India, cross-dresses to gain a girl’s affection and becomes filthy rich by inventing the wart watch. In short, it’s exactly what you’d expect from a counter-culture book written in the early 1990s.

The double-plus good news is that Steve Buscemi has just signed on to play Cera’s father George, and imagining the two working together is enough to create buzz for the film that’s being set for a December 2008 release.

Ray Liotta has also signed on to play Lance Wescott, a corrupt cop who is probably going to instruct everyone to build a baseball diamond in the middle of a corn field. M. Emmet Walsh and the always incredible Jean Smart are also rounding out the acting talent department.

Gustin Nash, who penned Charlie Bartlett, seems perfect to bring the ridiculous world of Nick Twisp’s journals to life. The source materials are all outlandish, over the top in a great way, and the characters are disgustingly well-rounded echoing, most of all, an obsession with all things sexual.

To recap – a great central cast and a good writing match for a twisted world. If Cera can finally move away from shuffling his feet and speaking under his breath, he’ll own the part, and this movie will an excellent way to end the year at the box office.

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