Stephen Sommers Now in Talks for ‘Tarzan’

Remember this phrase, as it will become a common thing over the next few years: “This is a project to which Guillermo Del Toro was attached, but now it is being taken on by someone else.” Since he signed on to spend 4 years working on 2 Hobbit movies, it appears that Guillermo Del Toro is going to have to abandon many of the 150 other projects he was “in negotiations” to direct. This includes a third Hellboy movie, a Frankenstein movie and a host of other cool projects that would be great for Del Toro, had the timing worked out.

In this particular instance we have Tarzan, which is being developed by Warner Bros. and producer Jerry Weintraub. Two years ago they were in negotiations to bring Del Toro on to direct, with a screenplay from John August. Now, the Edgar Rice Burroughs-created character might be brought to life by G.I. Joe and The Mummy Returns director Stephen Sommers, with a screenplay by Stuart Beattie, that guy who wrote the Halo movie that is never going to happen. According to Variety, Sommers is currently in talks to co-write and direct the feature.

As they say in the medical field, this production has taken a turn for the worse. While scribe Stuart Beattie has done some great work, including all three Pirates of the Caribbean movies, Collateral and the adaptation of 30 Days of Night, he is teaming up with Sommers, who is the king of big-budget crap, topped only by Roland Emmerich. As well, Sommers has already been to the jungle, writing and directing the 1994 live-action Jungle Book adaptation. Personally, I don’t see a reason for Tarzan to come back to the big screen, especially not under with Sommers at the helm. Then again, I have been wrong about these things before.

What do you think of Stephen Sommers replacing Guillermo Del Toro on Tarzan?