‘State of Play’ Director to Explore Asimov’s ‘End of Eternity’


While I can’t say I was the world’ biggest fan of State of Play (in fact I may have given it the lowest grade it got), I am a fan of Kevin Macdonald, especially when he’s giving us compelling characters in tense situations. Touching the Void is fantastic, and there’s few who would disagree that The Last King of Scotland wasn’t brilliant from start to finish. Now, it looks like Macdonald will get another chance to create something brilliant even though he’ll be playing with fire.

According to Variety, the director will work with New Regency to direct an adaptation of one of Isaac Asimov‘s best works – “The End of Eternity.”

Stepping away from robots for a bit, Asimov wrote the sci-fi mystery revolving around an organization called Eternity – a group that stood outside of time and had the option of moving between time and space to change history. It involves Reality Changes, deceit, and the unwitting creation of the largest catastrophe in human history that may never actually happen.

Asimov plays around with time in a very cool way – a way that should be difficult to deal with, yet phenomenal if handled well in the film. Even better are the interpersonal dramatics that occur between the characters. It’s a fantastic story with a very cool science fiction element as the backdrop. And, as you can probably gather by the title, there’s an attempt to stop Eternity from what it’s doing. Should be intimate and epic at the same time.

So it could be excellent, but it’s also going to be a challenge to work with what’s considered one of Asimov’s best. Hopefully Macdonald will be able to pull it off.

Currently, he’s working on The Eagle of the Ninth – a Roman military flick – and he’s also slated for Bobby Fischer Goes to War – the story of chess legend Bobby Fischer’s battle against Russian master Boris Spassky. So, basically it’s unclear as to when The End of Eternity will get off the ground. It’s marked down as having a 2012 release date, but it’s also possible that it could be coming out much sooner than that.

What do you think?

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