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Beautiful Concept Art for ‘The Last Jedi’ Reveals Luscious Worlds

Craite and Ahch-To may be up in smoke but they still look stunning.
Last Jedi Concept Art Craite
By  · Published on March 28th, 2018

The Blu-ray for Star Wars: The Last Jedi is finally out. Along with it comes a slew of behind-the-scenes content that takes us through the process of making the gargantuan blockbuster from start to finish. We’re especially excited to share some snazzy dramatic concept art from the Lucasfilm camp.

Rian Johnson’s visually stunning film garnered critical acclaim even if it wasn’t much of a home run for some Star Wars fans. Yet, there is no denying that the film is a real beauty. The Last Jedi‘s high impact drama is propped up by gorgeous new worlds that evoke memories of Star Wars movies of years gone past. The vibrancy of The Force Awakens is replaced by muted colors and chiaroscuro in The Last Jedi, visually signaling the change in narrative focus and character development. The film just looks impeccable through and through, as this new concept art from Lucasfilm showcases.

The images depicting Ahch-To perfectly capture the bittersweet moment of a Tree Library gone up in flames. We barely see Luke Skywalker standing in front of the blaze, but Yoda watches from a distance. Here’s the concept art by Seth Engstrom, courtesy of Lucasfilm:

Last Jedi Concept Art by Seth Engstrom Last Jedi Concept Art by Seth Engstrom

But really, the images of Craite — one of the most visually exciting planets in Star Wars ever — are particularly imposing, with several Walkers looming in the background as the final showdown between Skywalker and his mentee, Kylo Ren takes place. The art of Skywalker standing alone amidst clouds of Craite’s red dust is my favorite as it encapsulates the myth he has become. Here’s the art by Kevin Jenkins, James Clyne, and Adam Brockbank, courtesy of Lucasfilm:

Last Jedi Concept Art Craite Last Jedi Concept Art Craite Last Jedi Concept Art Craite Last Jedi Concept Art Craite

For more on the Craite battle, here’s a behind the scenes featurette from the DVD release:

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