Star Wars: The Clone Wars Animated Trailer Leaked

Star Wars: The Clone Wars

Here is a little something that will hopefully brighten up your weekend (and if you live in Ohio, as I do, you will need some brightening — it is awfully dreary out there.) One of our fantastic ninja rejects in the field just sent over word that the trailer for George Lucas’ upcoming animated Star Wars: The Clone Wars has been leaked online by a polish distributor. The quality isn’t that great, but the video is certainly legit. Have a look-see for yourself below:

Video has been removed at the request of Warner Brothers

Check out the Official Version of the trailer HERE

Honestly, I would love to find and post a better version, but using the YouTube version saves us the time and effort of having to deal with taking the damn thing down when WB finds out that it is on the web. And that would just cramp my weekend, which isn’t cool.

Update #1: I have successfully allowed this to cramp my weekend, just for you… The video has been resurrected above.

Update #2: Sorry kids, but WB has asked that we remove the video, so we have done so. We will be sure to bring you the “official” trailer once it has been released.

The trailer looks interesting though. I love the animation, but I’m not sure if I’m sold on the whole “reliving the Clone Wars” thing — honestly, I had enough of that in Episodes II and III.

We shall see though. Star Wars: The Clone Wars will hit theaters August 15th.

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