Star Wars 7: Gwendoline Christie’s Character Revealed

Screenshot (LucasFilm)

Screenshot (LucasFilm)

From Game of Thrones to the upcoming Star Wars: The Force Awakens, it’s going to be a good year for actress Gwendoline Christie. As part of their May the 4th content extravaganza, Vanity Fair has released their final Annie Leibovitz photograph from the set of The Force Awakens and it comes with the reveal that Christie’s character is, in fact, the Chrome Stormtrooper that caught the eye of many fans in the most recent trailer.

Considering the information revealed by today’s Vanity Fair release and previous information we’ve been provided about the character, let’s do a quick rundown of everything we know about this new character:

  • Her name is Captain Phasma
  • She is rumored to be an elite, leadership-level trooper in The First Order, the new big bad in the Star Wars universe.
  • She has also been rumored to be chasing down Finn (John Boyega) for reasons that are yet to be disclosed. As we know from the first Force Awakens trailer, Boyega’s Finn is a Storm Trooper in distress early in the film. Later, he escapes and absconds with Rey (Daisy Ridley). It appears as if Captain Phasma is tasked with finding him.

It isn’t much, but it’s more than we knew yesterday. For Star Wars fans, sometimes even the smallest bits of information are enough.

Here’s the official photo of Captain Phasma from the set, courtesy of VF’s Joanna Robinson:

. . .but here’s the OFFICIAL official photo of Gwendoline Christie as the Chrometrooper.

— Joanna Robinson (@jowrotethis) May 4, 2015