‘Star Trek 2’ Beams Up New Crew Member Alice Eve, Still Trying to Get a Lock On Del Toro

There’s some action going on over at J.J. Abrams’ super secret lair where he makes all of his super secret movies, and Variety has the scoop. Apparently his upcoming Star Trek sequel calls for even more attractive young actors than his original go around with the franchise did, because he’s been testing actresses like Theresa Palmer, Hayley Atwell, and Alice Eve to play a character new to Star Trek canon. And after all the tests were tested and the deliberations were deliberated, it’s looking like Eve is the first choice of Abrams and crew to become the newest member of the Star Trek universe. She hasn’t officially signed yet, but sources expect it to happen soon.

Eve is kind of a wild card casting in my eyes. Mostly she’s done a bunch of TV series and the Sex and the City sequel, so I don’t have much of a basis to form an opinion on her as an actress. I did see her starring turn in She’s Out of My League though, and I remember that not only was I presently surprised by how palatable that film was as a whole, but I kind of walked out of the theater having a crush on Eve as well. She’s pretty and charming, so high five Star Trek 2!

Someone I’m much more familiar with, however, is that suave devil Benicio Del Toro. According to the same Variety article, Abrams still has his eyes on the actor as his first choice to play the Star Trek sequel’s big villain. And some new whisperings coming out of the uncharacteristically unsecured Abrams camp are saying that Del Toro’s character won’t be a newcomer to the Trek mythos like Eve’s, but instead he’s going to be someone we’re all much more familiar with. You know where my hopes lay. Say it with me again: KHAAAAAN!

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