Stallone to Remake “The Mechanic”

In what may be one of the new action movies Stallone has hinted he’ll be doing, news comes today from Dark Horizons that Stallone will be starring in and helming the remake of the 1972 Charles Bronson film The Mechanic. The story follows an aging hitman (Stallone/Bronson) who takes on a young up and coming assassin.

The young assassin hasn’t been chosen yet, but an apparent short list includes some real heavyweights like Ryan Gosling, Ben Foster, Cillian Murphy and Frodo himself, Elijiah Wood. Personally I’d love to see Ben Foster in the role.

While generally I’m against remakes, if Stallone brings his Rambo bloodlust and brutality to this 70s classic flick then we may have a real winner on our hands, unlike Stallone’s previous attempt Get Carter.

Don’t hold your breath, as no production start date has been determined.

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