Spoiler Alert! L.A. Vandals Ruin the Ending of Marley & Me


Editor’s Note: Just in case the title didn’t give it away, we would like to point out that the following article (and pictures) contains massive spoilers for the upcoming movie Marley & Me, which hits theaters on Christmas Day.

Vader is someone’s daddy. Bambi’s mom meets an unhappy situation. People hate spoilers. And for anyone who runs a movie website, the topic of spoilers is always a red hot one. As if a daily rite of passage, I am constantly bombarded with emails and comments about spoilers — this includes people sending them to me and others accusing me of releasing them unto the world. And while I’d love to tell you all to just get over it, I understand. Like all of you, I too love to discover a film with an open mind and not know what’s coming. So as a person in the know — one who has the opportunity to see many movies in advance — I do my best to keep spoilers out of my articles, and encourage the rest of the FSR staff to do the same.

Once you pass into the real world though, I can no longer protect you. And if you live in the L.A. area and you’re anticipating the upcoming family film Marley & Me, then you may have already been compromised. FSR reader Stephanie O. sent us over a few images of billboards around Los Angeles that have been defaced with spoilerish info about the film, which hits theaters on Christmas Day. Have a look for yourself, if you dare, below.



Now I know what some of you might be thinking — “What if it’s not true?” As someone who has seen the film, all I can tell you is to keep holding on to that hope, you will be even more caught up in the film. In regards to the hoodlums that would do something like this, for shame. Who spoils a damn kid’s movie on the streets of L.A.? Rest assured though, parents, because if this is the way the movie ends — and I’m not saying either way — it would not be done in a way that will traumatize your children. In fact, while the end of this movie is very, very sad — we are talking about a room full of teary-eyed tough guy critics — its emotional impact is only a credit to how well done the film is. That, and if anyone has read the book, you know what happens.

No terrorist groups have come forward to claim credit for this attack on our innocence, though inside source indicate that their next target could be Santa Clause. What they don’t know is that Vince Vaughn got to Santa first and effectively ruined his dirty little secret with 4 lines of dialog in Four Christmases earlier this month.

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